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Prateek is a designer, writer, researcher, and educator working at the intersection of decolonial theory, design, pedagogy, storytelling, and language. He is currently pursuing an MA in cultural studies, critical theory & analysis from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. He studied architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi before graduating as a Young India Fellow from Ashoka University.
His practice is a critical interrogation of language, power, and community in the context of South Asia’s difficult colonial past. His latest project (with the Urdu Project and Futura Trōpica Netroots) was a socially-engaged art installation called Ganga-Jamuna Market that looked into the Partition of the Indian subcontinent through the dichotomy of Hindi and Urdu, twin languages that share heritage, literature, and vocabulary only to be torn apart across religious and geographic lines. Currently, at RISD, Prateek’s thesis explores the English language's colonial legacy, the politics of World Englishes, and their role in modern curriculums in postcolonial South Asia.
For inquiries and collaborations, write to prateek.shankar@gmail.com.
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