This is a story of a culture that has persevered for 75 years; a film-in-the-making about an institution at the heart of India's design heritage.
Three-quarters of a century ago, Delhi Polytechnic's Department of Architecture was conceived as an institute for training working professionals in the field of architecture. Over the years, the department witnessed various evolutions until it eventually took up the name - the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Since then, the institution has fostered minds that have affected change not just in the architecture of India but also across varied fields of art, design and culture, quietly earning itself a niche in the country's cultural zeitgeist.

Project Role: Research, Video shooting, Storyboarding
Team: Prateek Shankar, Gautam Vohra (The Blue Khirki), Rijul Singh (The Blue Khirki), Dhruv Dhingra (The Blue Khirki), Samridh Chaudhary (The Blue Khirki), Sarth Khare, Anirudhh Sharan, Sharon Sabu
Worked on: Documentary Film, Website
This film brings together the stories of the many individuals who have been active participants in the sustenance of this collective intellect. It hopes to take the viewers through the minds, hearts and perspectives that shaped this culture, providing a first-person account of life at SPA then and now, to eventually understand what it takes to cultivate a culture of national Importance.

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