Food Trip is a fusion casual dining resto-cafe, that launched in Bangalore, India in 2014. The Diner would experience flavours from around the world at affordable prices in a hip, travel-themed setting.
Designed as part of my internship with Bangalore-based design firm, Illustration Much.
The restaurant was built narrative-first. The Founders stumbled upon a top secret portal machine in a laboratory and decided to use it to transport flavours from all over the world to bring diners the Trip of their life! This concept was infused in every aspect of the restaurant, from the mascot-themed logo, the menu, the space and the overall visual language of the brand. 
Project Role: Graphic Design
Team: Maia Design (Interior); Sruthi Das, Gaurav Hablani, Prateek Shankar, Pounomi Kar (Illustration Much)
Photography: Ian Crasta (Illustration Much)
Worked on: Menus, Interior Boards, Packaging, Signage
Secondary characters, inspired by Reasons to Travel theme
Complimentary illustrations around the Secondary characters


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